For Samuel Beckett

"Thanks For Enriching My Life"


- Jan Jonson

Thank You

For Edward Beckett

Thank you for wonderful talks, your generosity and warm support

Thanks to

Barney Rosset
Bo Martinsson
Daniel B.Vasquez
James Rowland
Jeanette Bonnier
Jeff Rosen
Jim Carlsson
Jim och Elisabeth Knowlson
Jösta Hagelbäck
Lennart Wilson
Marianne Håkansson

Without your friendship, comittment and generosity I would never have been able to realise my meetings with these people


A special thank you to my actors

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations at Kumla Prison, Sweden


Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation at San Quentin State Prison California, USA

Danny K. Leffel
Donald "Twin" James
James Bennet "JB" Wells
Reginald "Happy" Wilson
Spoon Jackson

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation at Hinseberg Prison, Frövi, Sweden

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation at Ila Prison, Oslo, Norway

Gry Gustavsen

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation at Sagsjön Prison, Lindome, Sweden

Ulla-Britt Jonsson-Hakemann
Gunnar Magnusson

Thank you dearest friends for all your strength, patience and realness. Thank you for being you!


For the following friends


Alexander Nordström  Fil. Kand. Director Stockholm Sweden
Alice Smith Stage Director San Francisco California USA
Anders Carlberg, Producer and Director Swedish Radio Theatre Swedish Radio Stockholm Sweden
Anders Ryberg Chief Librarian the Alfred Nobel Library Swedish Academy Stockholm Sweden
Archimandrite Matthias Grahm OSB Maria Bebådelse Catholic Church Stockholm Sweden
Barney Rosset Publisher Evergreen Review Inc. New York City USA
Bengt Göransson Minister of Culture Sweden
Bertil Lannebro Stage manager Stockholm Sweden
Bill Ingmarsson Printer of books Fält & Hässler Värnamo Sweden
Björn Carlgren Producer Documentary reporter Stockholm Sweden
Britt Johansson Chief secretary KVA Kumla Sweden
Carl-Anders Lönnberg Prison director at Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation at Hinsebergs Prison Frövi Sweden
Carl-Johan Seth actor, director and playwriter Stockholm Sweden
Claes Sylwander Theater manager Gothenburg Sweden
Crister Söderlund Stage manager Orebro Sweden
Christer Uhre Producer Riksdrama Riksteatern Stockholm Sweden
Donald Pennebaker and Chris Heedless Documentary filmmakers and producers Leacock Penne baker Inc., New York USA
Elena Nordström  Fil. Kand.of Science of Theater and producer Stockholm, Sweden
Emmanuel Rabourdin Front Office Manager Hotel Littré Paris France
Erland Josephsson Actor and writer Stockholm Sweden
Folke Hjort Actor Gothenburg Sweden
Frida Englund technician and producer Swedish Radio Theatre Swedish Radio Stockholm Sweden  
Geneviéve Bahler, Directeur Hotel Littré Paris France
Gunnar Engström Regional manager Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Regional Office Stockholm Sweden
Göran Strömqvist Teacher and teacher trainer Donsö Sweden
Hasse Arvidsson Poet Örebro Sweden
Helge Bohlin Inspector KVA Kumla Sweden
Helge Rinnan Lighting designer Oslo Norway
Helena Nilsson Graphic designer Stockholm Sweden
Ingemar Strandberg Lawyer Ingemar Strandberg Advokatbyrå AB Stockholm Sweden
Ingvar Andersson Hotel manager "New" Hotel Göta Örebro Sweden
Isa Stenberg Producer Riksdrama Riksteatern Stockholm Sweden
Iwar Wiklander Actor Gothenburg Sweden
James Knowlson  Emeritus Professor of French at the University of Reading England
James Rowland Director Department of Corrections California USA
Jan Wancke Stage manager Solna Sweden
Jan-Olov Strandberg Actor Stockholm Sweden
Jaques Debbs Producer and documentary film maker ADR Productions Paris France
Jeff Rosen Director Davasee Enterprises New York USA
Jennifer Sabbah Documentary film secretary ADR Productions Paris France
Joe Phillips Publisher Curtis Brown LTD London England
John & Renate Kenaston the Golden Gate Hotel San Francisco California USA
John Reilly Documentary film maker Global Village New York USA
Jonas Modig Chief publisher Wahlström & Widstrand Bokforlag Stockholm Sweden
Jovanna Remaeus Jönson Set and costume designer Stockholm Sweden
Knut Erik Tweit Producer and project coordinator Department of Culture Baerum Municipality Norway
Lars-Göran Carlsson Director and actor Stockholm Sweden
Lars Norén Playwriter director and Head of Riksdrama Riksteatern Stockholm Sweden
Leif Boman Regional manager Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Regional Office Örebro Sweden
Leif Nilsberth Head of Security KVA Kumla Sweden
Leif Siik Head of recreational activities KVA Kumla Sweden
Lennart Wilson Warden KVA Kumla Sweden
Lo Kaupi Actress Stockholm Sweden
Lotta Enckell Artist Stockholm Sweden
Magnus Florin Theater manager Swedish Radio Theatre Swedish Radio Stockholm Sweden
Manuela Marengo Marketing and PR Stockholm Sweden
Martin Dyfverman Radio host, journalist and producer Swedish Radio Örebro Sweden
Mikael Sylwan Set designer and photographer Stockholm Sweden
Mishka Saäl Documentary film maker Paris France
Morten Krogvold Photographer Oslo Norway
Nils-Gunnar Andersson Head of Security KVA Kumla Sweden
Nils-Henrik Sjöström Psychologist KVA Kumla Sweden
Olof Lagerkrantz  Writer Drottningholm Sweden
Per Colliander Head of Security Department of Corrections Norrköping Sverige
Pia Forsberg  Headmaster Forsbergs School Stockholm Sweden
Ralph Erskine  Architekt Drottningholm Sverige
Roger Bensky  Professor Georgetown University French Department Washington DC USA
Sten Andersson Foreign minister Stockholm Sweden
Sten Wickbom Minister of Justice Stockholm Sweden
Stora Hotellet  Örebro Sweden
Sture Allén Member and former Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy Stockholm Sweden
Thommy Berggren  Actor and director Stockholm Sweden
Ulla Asplund Chief secretary and assistant Wahlström & Widstrand Bokförlag Stockholm Sweden
Ulrika Josephsson Producer Riksdrama Riksteatern Stockholm Sweden
Vibecke Kenniar Ottesen Criminologist Oslo Norway
Voksenåsen Hotel Oslo Norway
Åsa Melldahl Theater manager and director Swedish Radio Theatre Swedish Radio Stockholm Sweden
Örjan Herlitz  Theater manager Länsteatern Örebro Sweden


A warm Thank You for all the Talks, Support, Perseverance, Warmth and Love



For the following photographers


Introduction photo
Copyright Morten Krogvold


Main photo Jan Jonson, Face to Face
Copyright Morten Krogvold


   "Godot" Folkteatern
Copyright Christine Harrebäck


  "Estragon" Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art
  Copyright unknown


   "The man himself" Royal Dramatic Theatre
   Copyright Beata Bergström


  "The ensemble" Waiting for Godot, Kumla
Jan Jonson


  "With Samuel Beckett" at the Le petit café in Paris
Beppe Arvidsson 



Main photo "Godot in jail"
Copyright Jan Jonson


"Waiting for Godot" Micha 
Copyright Beppe Arvidsson


    Micha, Soki och Francisco
    Copyright Beppe Arvidsson


    Zoki och Francisco
    Copyright Rolf Carlsson


    The ensamble
    Copyright Jan Jonson


"Waiting for Godot"
Main photo Twin James
Copyright Beppe Arvidsson


    Happy och Twin
    Copyright Beppe Arvidsson


    Copyright Jan Jonson


    Group picture
    Copyright Beppe Arvidsson


    Spoon Jackson
    Copyright Beppe Arvidsson



"The house of Bernada Alba" 
Main photo "The ensamble"
Copyright Lasse Persson 


    Copyright Lasse Persson


    Copyright Lasse Persson



Main photo "Ham and Clov"
Copyright Per Eriksen


    Bent and Jan Jonson
    Copyright Beppe Arvidsson


    Copyright Per Eriksen


    Copyright Per Eriksen


    Copyright Per Eriksen


    Copyright Per Eriksen


    Gry and Jan
    Copyright Per Eriksen


    The ensemble 
Per Eriksen


"Happy Days" 
Main photo Winnie
Copyright Peter Claesson


    Gunnar, Ulla-Britt and Jan
    Copyright Peter Claesson


    Copyright Peter Claesson


    Copyright Jan Jonson


    Copyright Jan Jonson


    Copyright Jan Jonson



Film TV Radio
Main photo Samuel Beckett

Copyright Beppe Arvidsson


   "Face to Face"
   Copyright Morten Krogvold


   "Prisonniers de Beckett"
   Copyright Michka Saäl


   "Godot in jail"
   Copyright Jösta Haglebäck


   "Waiting for Godot at San Quentin - a work in progress"
   Copyright John Reilly


Main photo Kumla
Copyright Jan Jonson


Photo exhibitions
Main photo San Quentin
Copyright John Reilly


Main photo Kumla
Copyright Beppe Arvidsson


    Group picture, Kungsportsavenyn Gothenburg
    Copyright Sven-Erik Johansson


Future productions
Main photo Twin
Copyright Beppe Arvidsson



Main photo
Copyright Andrei Porokhnenko


Jan Jonson
Copyright Mons Annér


Past performances
Main photo Stage picture
Copyright Sylwestre Guidi


Jan Jonson
Copyright Beppe Arvidsson


Future performances
Main photo Picture from performance
Copyright Sylwestre Guidi


Main photo The wall at Kumla
Copyright Sylwestre Guidi


Main photo Jan Jonson
Copyright Morten Krogvold




My warm Gratitude for your Sensitivity and Perseverance


- Yours affectionately, Jan Jonson




© Copyright. Jan Jönson.