Winnie: Another heavenly day

Happy Days


Samuel Beckett

Translation into English by Samuel Beckett

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations at Sagsjön –
Performed at Gothenburg Public Library 13-15 October 2008



Winnie - Ulla-Britt Jonsson
Willie - Gunnar Magnusson
Director, set design, lighting design, costume and makeup - Jan Jonson
Stage manager - Christer Söderlund
Prompter - Anette Abrahamsson
Translation - Magnus Hedlund
Adaptation - Ulla-Britt Jonsson, Jan Jonson

Music: Lippen schweigen ur Die lustige Witwe - Frans Lehár (1870-1948).
The London Musicians Orchestra, leader Jonathan Rees.



Ulla - Britt Jonsson

HAPPY DAYS is a piece of reality. Reality, in the sense that the play describes several different aspects of life - to be stuck in your everyday life, routines, relationships, memories, longing, happiness and sorrow.  The play gives me the opportunity to tell my story to others, to give a reflection of how life in a prison with all its routines can be like. Surely, other people can relate to their own weekday, their own lives.  Other people will surely be able to relate with the experiences of their own everyday lives.
The play is a masterpiece because it illustrates the complex nature of man. No one can claim that it is easy being a human with all that it entails. It is all about survival...

Gunnar Magnusson

Happy days? Happy days.
There are roads no one wants to wander
But wander still.
Paths where no one wants to ramble
But ramble still.

Choices none wants to take
But take still
Seeds no one wants to harvest
But harvest still.

Sagsjön Prison, autumn morning;
Seeking its way from the lake to the fence
Surrounding closed environments of
Females living in darkness
Causing the barbed wire to cry
And shed its tears on the pavement of gravel
And the women wandering
Their own road
Their own path
Harvesting the fruits of their choices.

We are here
Of our own will or others
United in our humanity...

- Gunnar Magnusson

Anette Abrahamsson

I could not in my wildest fantasies have predicted that I would experience being the prompter of a monologue by Samuel Beckett – not under the circumstances that have been and are, and, yet, how wrong I was. I have been given the opportunity for personal growth and to start believing in myself and my ability. Thank you Jan Jonson.


Ulla-Britt – for your presence, strength and courage!
Gunnar – for your participation and endless waiting in the pit.
Anette – for your warm prompting and your happy Wipp! –Wipp!
To the women at Sagsjön for the encounters and talks that enriched my visits.
All staff at Sagsjö for your assistance and accommodation.
Klaudija Milisic who met us outside Sagsjö with film documentation.
With joy over the set that was built by Arne Lundström, Stefan Olsén and
Peter Olofsson from The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation at Högsbo under the guidance of Roger Eklund, producer.
Håkan Grissler och Patrik Meier at The Public Library of Gothenburg for being so cooperative
Yours affectionately - Jan Jonson

Lovisa Nygren
Inspector at the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation

I am impressed and inspired every day by the women at Sagsjön. We meet women who work hard to achieve a better life, to be able to make choices themselves and independently, to be able to love themselves, to be able to stay in contact with their children…These are questions that demands time, strength and courage. We want to give the women responsibility over their own lives. In order to change your life you need self esteem, self confidence and a language to express feelings and thoughts. Creative activity is a tool in this effort. The women weave, knit, paint and in this case – create a theatre production.
Again, I am impressed and inspired.

For Edward Beckett

A special Thank You to Edward Beckett who with confidence, friendship and presence have made it possible for me to realise this endeavour. An undertaking that, from the very beginning, made Samuel Beckett happy – that I would carry on with his words and give them to those, as he put it : To the people living in the darkness.
Sincerely Yours,

Gunnar, Ulla-Britt and Jan


















© Copyright. Jan Jönson.