Pozzo: I don´t seem to be able... (long hesitation) ...to depart.
Estragon: Such is life.

/Pozzo paying out the rope as he goes./

Vladimir: You´re going the wrong way.
Pozzo: I need a running start.

Vladimir: That passed the time
Estragon: It would have passed in any case.
Vladimir: Yes, but not so rapidly.

- From "Waiting for Godot"



"Moments of reality" 
by Jan Jonson
Translations are planned for English, French, Russian, Spanish and German

"Beckett Remembering-Remembering Beckett"

(Uncollected interviews with Samuel Beckett & Memories of Those Who Knew Him)

Edited by James and Elisabeth Knowlson.

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London England  2006


Morten Krogvolds Potretter "Ansikt til Ansikt"
Published by Førlaget Press, Oslo, Norway  2006

"Was Herr Godot mir gesagt hat"
Begegnung mit Samuel Beckett
Von Jan Jönson
Published by Suhrkamp Verlag - Insel Verlag
Frankfurt am Main  2006
Published only in German


"Directing Beckett"
By Louis Oppenheim
(interviews with and essays by twenty two prominent directors of Samuel Becketts work)

Published by The University of Michigan Press  1994



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